Introducing Blind Boxes: Curated NFT Collections with a Mystery Twist

Blind Boxes
Blind Boxes
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4 min readMar 8, 2021

Blind Boxes is the world’s first gamified curation platform for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). For creators, Blind Boxes boost sales, circulation, and global exposure for their portfolio. For collectors, the fun mystery box mechanism enables them to unbox and discover rare and potentially ultra-rare digital assets. Plus, that built in element of surprise adds fun and intrigue to the process of building a collection. For curators, our unique incentivization structure rewards their ability to be scouts and tastemakers in the abundant world of NFTs.

By combining game theory, randomicity, fan power, and exclusive content from leading creators, Blind Boxes captures the best elements of NFTs and wraps them into fun consumable packages.

What’s in the Box?

Blind Boxes’ gamified platform will host limited edition NFTs. Each virtual unboxing recreates a cherished childhood experience: the thrill of gift unwrapping. In doing so, Blind Boxes infuses the digital world with a sensation more synonymous with the physical.

Whether it’s a Xmas present, football sticker pack, or Pop Mart box, discovering what lies inside a mystery package — be it toy, treat, or ultra-rare trinket — is unforgettable. This is the stuff that memories are made of and the spark for life-long obsessions.

With Blind Boxes, artists can directly engage with their audience and earn from every NFT they create — including resales. Fans, meanwhile, can acquire digital collectibles which they can display, swap, or sell.

NFTs Made Better

NFTs have taken the crypto world by storm and are now sucking the universe into their orbit: sports, art, music, real estate, gaming — it’s all being tokenized and traded, with digital scarcity the arbiter of value. Celebrity stardust + genesis NFTs + ultra-rare content = the stuff that digital dreams are made of.

NFTs are the most exciting vertical in crypto right now — but they’re also one of the most daunting. For beginners craving to acquire the latest must-have crypto collectibles, obtaining NFTs is a fraught process. It calls for an innate ability to appraise digital art, operating in an illiquid market, queueing patiently in line for limited edition packs, and all too often leaving empty-handed. And then there’s the eye-watering prices that the rarest and most exclusive NFTs can fetch, rendering them as little more than status symbols for ETH-rich whales.

Blind Boxes makes digital collectibles accessible to a mainstream audience by lowering the barriers to entry and the price of participation. While the rarest NFTs will still command a premium, much of the work released by creators will be within the reach of regular users, who can acquire the works of emerging and established artists and support their favorite creators.

How It Works

Great art doesn’t come cheap. For creators, every piece, be it a physical canvas, digital render, or audio track, has sunk costs in terms of time, energy, materials, and publication. Blind Boxes provides a way for artists to offset these upfront costs by raising funds before they begin the creative process. This gives them a foundation of support, and guarantees a minimum sales threshold for their work, while rewarding early supporters who can claim a slice of the action.

Using the Blind Boxes marketplace, collectors can purchase and open boxes containing limited edition and rare content, including unique works that are sure to be highly coveted. In addition, the Blind Boxes platform will allow creators to conduct tokenized crowdfunding campaigns in return for assigning their new material to paying supporters.

Using smart contracts, the Blind Boxes protocol will automatically award revenue to artists every time their work is resold while allowing its current owner to claim the bulk of the proceeds. This gives collectors early access to exclusive content and rewards them for their loyalty. What’s more, collectors can earn a passive income from future sales of work they’ve funded.

What’s In Store

March: Blind Boxes dApp deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

April: Mainnet launch on BSC

Q1: Blind Boxes DAO for token-holder governance

Q2: Blind Boxes Launchpad for creators to fund their work

Q3: Migration to Polkadot

Blind Boxes is on a mission to put the fun into NFT while pioneering new ways for creators to connect with collectors and monetize their work.

But there’s a lot more in store from Blind Boxes: we haven’t even unpacked the best stuff yet. To ensure you don’t miss a thing, check out our social channels. Join in the conversation and be the first to learn the latest developments as we reimagine collectibles for the digital generation. Trust us, you’ll want to keep an eye on Blind Boxes.

About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is a gamified aggregator marketplace that strives to become the first of its kind for limited edition NFTs (non-fungible tokens). By featuring works of multiple creators as part of curated collections rather than selling one off single NFTs, the platform provides greater exposure to artists.

The platform offers collectors access to rare works of art in the form of mystery boxes, which contain unknown contents until they are opened. Blind Boxes combines the excitement of a mystery box with the creativity of an artist and the immutability of a blockchain.

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Blind Boxes
Blind Boxes

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