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PolygonPunks: Now LIVE on Blind Boxes

In case you missed our teaser announcement, the PolygonPunks are coming! Today we are excited to welcome our first batch of avatar NFTs to Blind Boxes.

TLDR: Four collections of über rare PolygonPunks are now available on Blind Boxes. We anticipate seeing further collections dropping on the platform over the coming month.

How it works


Blind Boxes is all about decentralized curation. These four collections were curated by a prominent/whale collector from the PolygonPunks ecosystem. This curator selected and invited an small group of PolygonPunks collectors to contribute their elite (read: rare) NFTs to this series. These individuals then added their NFT’s to the collections.


Each individual NFT-owner added one or more PolygonPunks to the collections. As they added a Punk, they assigned a value to the associated NFT. Once the collection was full, the collection was sealed, and every NFT was wrapped into its own Blind Box.

Finally, every Blind Box was given the same price. This price is the blended average of the individual NFTs in a collection.

Reserving an NFT

When a collector selects “Reserve” they are assigned one, randomly-selected item from the collection. Everyone pays the same price. As with toy vending machines, collectors can see the contents of the collection before they purchase. Similar to PopMart, surprise and chance are counterbalanced by flat-rate pricing.

PolygonPunks on Blind Boxes

Only 10000 PolygonPunks will ever be minted. Each punk has unique attributes which are distributed according to a defined rarity system. An anonymous, prominent PolygonPunks collector has curated a series of four collaborative collections on Blind Boxes. They are available for a limited time only.

Note: To view these collections you must first connect to Polygon.

PolygonPunks I

Meet ‘Punk #741’ (out of 10,000). The estimated value for this punk is $5,000,000. Punk #741 is one of the nine ultra rare Punks in the PolygonPunks I collection.

PolygonPunks II

Meet ‘Punk #372’ (out of 10,000). The estimated value for this Punk is $1,500,000. Punk #372 is one of ten ultra rare Punks in the PolygonPunks II collection.

PolygonPunks III

Meet ‘Punk #7756’ (out of 10,000). The estimated value for this Punk is $1,000,000. Punk #7756 is one of seven ultra rare Punks in the PolygonPunks III collection.

PolygonPunks IV

Meet ‘Punk #6965’ (out of 10,000). The estimated value for this Punk is $1,500,000. Punk #6965 is one of seven ultra rare Punks in the PolygonPunks IV collection.

Shop today before the collection expires or sells out.

About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is a gamified curation platform and launchpad for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This highly scalable dApp enables brands and creators to diversify their revenue streams, increase the liquidity of their creative assets, and become leaders in decentralized global economies while engaging fans and buyers to discover and collect rare, limited edition NFTs.

Via the Blind Boxes Marketplace, buyers experience the thrill of time-released curated NFT collections. Here collectors unlock sealed packages of exclusive items, curated by tastemakers across the arts, music, & entertainment. Curation is at the core of our value proposition. The platform offers a commission structure that incentivizes independent contributors to produce bespoke blind box collections that feature top-tier talent and emerging artists and designers from around the world.

For all recent announcements and updates, connect with us:

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Blind Boxes is the first gamified marketplace and launchpad for Metaverse, Gaming, and Art NFTs. Our mission is clear: boost liquidity and exposure for NFT creators and brands, while allowing collectors to unbox and discover rare digital assets.

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