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4 min readAug 16, 2021

On Thursday, Aug 12, our team led by our Co-founder & CEO, Anita Angelica Moore hosted Harrison Seletsky, Communications Lead at NFTrade for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) in our Blind Boxes OFC Telegram Channel. The focus of this session was to answer questions regarding our upcoming NFT farm on their platform.

The participation was excellent with plenty of insightful questions. Users who met the criteria for selection also had the opportunity to win $BLES rewards. The best 4 questions from the session will be awarded 75 $BLES each.

Here are the top questions from the winners, in no particular order, along with their Twitter handles.

From @thecryptomunk via Twitter (75 BLES)

Will BLES holders be able to view these unique NFTs before staking on the NFTrade platform?

Yes, all NFTs will be available to view, along with their quantities and the amount of nBLES needed to claim them. We are fully transparent so users will know exactly what they are getting into.

From @zenonautt via Twitter (75 BLES)

When do you expect the NFT farming to go live? Will it be part of the new vault system?

Our NFT farming application is already live and accessible at BLES Vaults, the traditional staking framework of Blind Boxes is entirely separate from the NFTrade farming program. Once those are live, then users will have multiple options for staking their BLES.

From @thecryptomunk via Twitter (75 BLES)

With respect to NFT farming, are these NFTs going to be allocated specifically for nBLES holders or will stakers be getting access to a selection of assets that are available to other users of the NFTrade platform as well?

NFTrade creates farms in order to directly benefit specific communities, so all of the exclusive BLES NFTs will only be available for BLES holders. Once they are claimed, the new NFT holder can list or swap their NFT on our secondary trading market. Farming is meant to provide tangible value to token holders, so we make sure BLES holders are the ones who directly benefit.

From TOLGA ATLI via Telegram

I wonder any thoughts about fractionalized NFT on the system anytime soon?

We do not have plans for fractionalized NFTs at this time, but any fractionalized NFT can be bought, sold, or swapped on the NFTrade exchange.

From SONNI via Telegram

I am an artist. If my IP (one of my signature photos) is used in the NFT farming initiative, will users be able to print out my work? Do I lose the rights to that photo?

You own the IP, it is just the actual NFT asset that is being sold. You do not lose the rights unless you decide to sell the IP rights alongside the NFT.

From Sercan MERCAN via Telegram

How far do you think NFT traders have anticipated NFT farming? Any possible collaboration between NFT Trade & Blind Boxes might disrupt this?

Almost all farms on NFTrade have sold out of their NFTs, especially the rarer NFT variations. NFT farmers are loving our platform! Some of our most popular have been with XCAD and FEAR, and we anticipate more success as more communities learn the power of NFT farming.

From GLENN MCCARTHY via Telegram

Since there are many NFT projects in the market, do you plan to add some killer features to the NFTrade project? Will multi-chain be available in NFTrade for example? Do you already have some new partnership announcements with more art projects?

We already have some killer features! Our decentralized and escrowed p2p swaps allow users to safely trade NFTs, a feature unavailable on any other NFT marketplace. We are also live on 4 chains, Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche, with plans to integrate more, such as Solana, Wax, Flow, Cardano, Vechain, and more. On top of that, we will offer cross-chain transactions soon, hopefully, before the end of the year, as well as social features, so NFT owners and traders can show off their collections and communicate with each other directly. We have some really big partnership announcements coming up as we prepare for our IDO, with 2 projects that are top 15 and top 20 tokens by market cap.

From ANATOLIAN FIRE via Telegram

To what extent will NFT farming benefit us? Could you share possible instances?

It allows you to earn exclusive and rare NFTs that are inaccessible anywhere, providing additional tangible value to token holders with idle tokens

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