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4 min readSep 14, 2021

We will begin by recapping the outcome of the initial portion of last week’s VR land sale with Netvrk. Next, we will outline steps to join the whitelist for a live land allocation event occurring next week. Important: the live event is intended for users who completed or attempted to complete transactions in Netvrk Land Sale (collections III and IV).

Recap: Collections I and II

Last week we launched the initial portion (Collection I and Collection II) of the Netvrk VR land sale. In total, 62 NFTs with an average value of ~$1530 each were sold via our gamified, Gashapon-inspired selling mechanism. Users paid in $BLES and USDC and the collections sold out quickly.

However, as we attempted to launch subsequent collections, our platform crashed.

Recap: Collections III and IV

After resetting the platform, the team began teeing up Collections III and IV for launch. However, each time we encountered exceedingly long transaction and overall friction on the backend of the platform. We soon uncovered a key platform vulnerability, a bug that allowed users to access collections while they were in the staging area. We believe this bug caused the affected collections to crash after they were launched.

Once we learned of the issue, we met with the Netvrk team and decided jointly not to launch further collections. Fortunately, no funds or NFTs were lost. Unfortunately, many users were not able to successfully secure the lands they were waiting and vying for.

“We apologize to all affected parties. The flow of a launch is ultimately our responsibility and we failed to deliver a high caliber user experience. Yet giving up is simply not in our DNA. As such, we are working quickly and creatively to offer a positive outcome for as many users as possible.”

— Anita Angelica Moore, CEO

Whitelist Sale For Participants in Collections III and IV

Over the weekend we developed a plan to successfully complete sales for buyers from the compromised collections. For the ~60 users who transacted in Collections III and IV, we will run a closed whitelist event. During this event, we will transparently distribute land parcels to wallet addresses that participated in last week’s sales (Collections III and IV).

The event will be live-streamed and recorded for users who cannot attend.

Steps to participate

  1. Opt-in. Click here to opt into the sale. You will need to provide your wallet address and Telegram handle. All users will be individually verified via Telegram. We value your privacy, however, we want to ensure that humans, and not Bots are participating.
  2. Send funds. Users that have been refunded, but want to participate should send funds to cover their purchases to the address specified during their verification conversation with the team. Users who have yet to be refunded do not have any further actions to complete beyond opting in.
  3. Join in. We will be communicating important details via the Blind Boxes official Telegram channel. Join this group and follow us on Twitter to stay informed.
  4. Stay tuned. We aim to complete this sale the week of Sep 20. We will announce the finalized date and time once the whitelist verification is complete.


  • This sale does include users that have been refunded.
  • Users need not be logged on to the platform to participate. By opting in and sending payment (if you have been refunded) you are guaranteed a land parcel.
  • Once finalized, the whitelist will be immutable and independently verifiable by the public.
  • We encourage users to watch the live-streamed event, however attendance is not required to secure a land parcel.

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