Stand In The Sun

The seed. The idea. The love. The thing.

You doubted. You denied. You failed. You fell down.

You tried. You cried.

Defeated. Deflated.

You gave up.

Darkness loomed. Shadow casted.

You’re cold. You hurt.

You remember the pain. The fall, the scratches. The burns.

The scars. You see them now. Feel them. Appreciate them.

Hope ignites.

You crave the sun. Warmth. Love. A tingle. A reason.

You get up.

You cut and claw your fear away.

You crawl a little.

Desire flares. The want. The need.

You crawl some more.

You clear a path. Destination unknown.

You are brave.

You begin to walk.

You feel your heart beat. You come alive.

You are bold.

You walk faster. And faster.

Passion fuels your desire. You say,“I can do this.”

You’re running now.

Your mind and body as one.

Knowing. Feeling. Understanding.

Darkness leads to light. Failure. Falling. Fear.

Never. Give. Up.

No matter what.

Here comes the sun.

A beam. A ray. You see the light.

You made it. You did it. You conquered.

Stand tall. Be proud. Be you. Be.

Shine in all your glory. Live your purpose.

Learn the lesson. Love more deeply.

Be brave. Be bold. Be different.

Feel the warmth. The tingle. The reason.

Stand in the sun.

It’s time. It’s YOUR time.

Love yourself and have no fear.

You can do it. You can always do it.


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