Stumbling your way to progress

You are working hard to do something you’ve never done before. You just turned one and you don’t know how to walk (yet).

“Oh boy… that ground looks so far away all the way from up here”

You can’t operate an iPad either, nor are you aware of the internet.The only thing that you know how to do is cry when you get hungry, cry when you are in discomfort and cry when you want attention. Crying has been your survival mechanism for the first 10 years your existence.

Today you’ve passed your twenties, maybe even your thirties like me (OUCH) and it turns out that everything you try to do for the first time feels just as uncomfortable as learning how to walk. However, today is different. Today when I search e.g. “how to become better writer” I get 52.7 Million (52.700.000) search results. The next thing I see is an ad from Grammarly. Next is a top 10 list, that tells you, if you follow these 10 steps you’ll come out better.

I didn’t even click on either of the results as I knew it would stop me from publishing

Instead of just trying to feel what it’s like to put your first foot forward, become aware of your feet underneath as as you put your body weight on it, and try to hold your head up right as you march forward, you now do the opposite. You hold your head down, staring at your phone or computer as you search for top 10 lists, playbooks and hacks for setting your first steps. You now do this for every single thing you’re trying to do.

The internet added extra choices for us to make before we start to walk. Three to be exact.

  1. Do I ignore the top 10 lists, and just figure it out myself?
  2. Shall I spend another hour (or two) figuring out what top 10 list is the best?
  3. Do I just follow the highest organically ranked top 10 list to the letter or do I make it my own? Or maybe I just buy a fix with some tool

When you were one, you didn’t have to make all these choices. It was in your nature to just try it. The first time you tried, you didn’t know yet if you would feel pain if you would fall. The second time when you fall, your little baby brain maybe thought, “Shit, if I keep falling, I keep hurting myself, I don’t want to do this”. However, that little baby brain didn’t think that, or at least it learned how to let go of that thought, otherwise none of us would be walking.

Next time you have to figure out something from scratch…

  1. Put a timer on of 50 minutes, use that to browse your ass off on the web. Try to take it all in and pick out what you like.
  2. Take a 10 minute break, let your brain digest it.
  3. Set a timer of 20 minutes and write down your plan to do this thing you are about to try.
  4. Now take that first step, just start walking.

Don’t listen to the fear that this might not work or that this might hurt. Stop talking to yourself, start walking. Baby steps are fine as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other. That is how we’ll make progress.

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