Welcome to the new Blink

Since I joined Blink we’ve been hiding our work away in a closed BETA, working closely with our early users to achieve our goal. That goal is to build the foundations of a product that can change the way enterprises work. No pressure there…

In that time, as a company we didn’t talk about ourselves much, we published the odd blog post and posted a few experimental shots on dribbble but that’s it. We stayed laser focused on our goal! The brand we had, did the job and growing it never became a priority.

That’s all about to change.

Our product has evolved tremendously and is now in a place that we’re proud to show it off. So we’ve taken off our invisibility cloak, we’ve opened up the app for everyone to sign up and we’re ready to shout about what we’ve created.

The one thing missing was a brand that reflected how sophisticated and professional Blink has become. It was about time we created a brand that reflected what Blink is today.

I wanted to create a brand that conveys connectivity, fluidity and positivity. As part of this branding work, I wanted to create a logo that visually demonstrates our product goal of linking people and data in a frictionless way.

Our New Look

The new Blink logo

The dark blues show off our company’s aspiration. The use of transparency and gradients give depth, resonating with the relationships and processes of a modern workplace while also touching on all the complexity being hidden in the background of Blink and the simplicity clearly on display.

The new look will be rolled out over the next few days as we release updated versions of our Android, iOS, web, Mac and Windows apps.

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I’d just like to clarify that I’m not a logo designer. I think it’s one of the most difficult trades and becoming a master of it would take years of practice. However every now and then something just comes together. From the early feedback, I think this may be one of those times. I hope that this brand will stand the test of time and live up to the product backing it up.

For more Blink design updates follow us on dribbble.

We’re lucky to be building this company with the help of our BETA users who are from teams at the world’s largest companies. The entire team at Blink believe that we’re on to something great. If what we’re doing excites you, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch.