Blinq App is here to help you take control over your finances.

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A long, long time ago I’ve written few words about how I simplified my personal finances and in the end took control over them. You can check it here

In this little piece, I’ve introduced you to the idea of Blinq, a smart little app that makes tracking your expenses as efficient as it can be. Now, we’re here to let you now that it’s live on the App Store!

So what’s Blinq and why we’re even doing it?

Financial security is one of the keys to stress-free life. Yet, many people struggle to keep their funds balanced because they don’t understand their personal finances. Keeping track of your spendings is a key to learning where and when your money leaks and, in the end, saving them.

Blinq is a design driven expense tracker made exclusively for iPhone. It lets you track your expenses, fast and easy, and analyze your spending patterns at the end of each month. It’s designed to be efficient and effortless to use — a perfect solution for busy people.

People fail in keeping track of their finances because it’s difficult and time-consuming. Personal finance apps tend to be confusing and overcomplicated when most of us need quick and efficient tool instead. Blinq is our answer to this problem.

We want to force you to think about the way you’re spending money. We believe that adding them manually is the key to achieve that. Meantime we want to make it as quick and effortless as possible. We’ve stuffed Blinq with powerful features just to enable you to do just that.

AW Complication and Quick Menu
  • Apple Watch companion App
  • Set of Watch Faces complications
  • Quick access menu — you can add expenses straight from your springboard
  • The whole App is designed to let you add an expense as quick as possible
We want to force you to think about the way you’re spending money. We believe that adding them manually is the key to achieve that.

Blinq comes with a fairly simple yet effectivestats module. From here you can analyse and manage your expenses. You’ll find only the most needed features here, so you’d be able to focus on your spending patterns instead of overcomplicated interfaces.

Stats Module of the App

Blinq combines pragmatic approach to personal finances and an intuitive UI to help you keep track of your personal finances without struggling with overcomplicated interfaces nor functionalities overload. Every time, everywhere, in a blink of an eye.

Launch Details

Few Screens from Blinq
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