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Layers of the Human Mind

And the Endless Possibilities

Artwork dedicated by Saksham Jain | © Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Delhi 2017

Of all the species existing on Earth, we, as the human race are considered to be the most unique. This uniqueness is not because we have two hands, two legs, face etc which are characteristically different from animals. Rather this uniqueness of our mankind is due to our highly evolved brain and a highly developed mind capability — a capability in which lies an uncomparable and indomitable power to know the secrets of The Infinite.

Man’s Mind and Brain

Generally, the words ‘mind’ and ‘brain’ are considered to be synonymous and not being familiar with their different nature, we remain unaware of their tremendous power and working process. Truth is that our ‘mind’ and ‘brain’ are different, yet they work in perfect harmony with each other. If we understand their unity and dissimilarity, then the door to their inherent infinite possibilities opens up automatically; otherwise in the deep confusion of ‘mind’ and ‘brain’ being one and the same, this opportunity of our human life may get slipped.

Fundamental Differences between Brain and Mind

The Path of Spirituality

Transformation of the mind, not the brain.

The soulfully-elevated Shri Guru understands the basic difference behind the functioning of the mind and the structure of the brain, and then treats a spiritually-inclined person at the level of his mind. Under a Guru’s guidance, our brain’s capability of logical reasoning and emotional dedication cooperate in their support and our single focused mind and brain makes it possible for us to enter the infiniteness of our Creator and our Creation, all lying within us and from us !

Our Mind — deep levels of possibilities

The seven-levels of mind have been explained by Upanishads by comparing them with the ‘ Seven Horses of the Sun ‘. In the deep layers of our mind, as proposed by our Sages, the first layer connects us with the outer world, whereas the deepest layer makes us One with our own Godly Existence. A general understanding of these layers of our mind can be considered from under :

First Layer : Conscious Mind

Every thought, choice, planning etc that arises in our brain is only because of the support of our Conscious Mind. In fact, every action, thought or desire that is arising in us in this very present moment is also getting possible due to our Conscious Mind.

Second Layer : Subconscious Mind

The thoughts we have in this present moment get stored in our Subconscious Mind even after this moment passes. For example, if someone cheated us, our reaction to it will be in the present moment. But even after that moment passes and even if we get busy in other actions, our reaction to that instance of cheating gets stored in our Subconscious Mind.

Third Layer : Unconscious Mind

When our reaction towards others or their actions gets repeated by us in our thoughts or in our words in talking with others or if we continue to feel emotions of anger, sadness etc towards them, then these reactions and feelings of ours gets stored in our Unconscious Mind. The feelings gathered by us in our subconscious mind undergo a change in character and intensity at the level of our Unconscious Mind — our feelings of anger and sadness are transformed into hate and our lust, affection and wanting get transformed into desire.

Fourth Layer : Super Conscious Mind

When we are born, our birth is in a grand stage of a Super Conscious Mind. The whole of consciousness here has a loving character and that is why we find that a child understands the language of love only. He wants only the basic requirements of his life like food, milk etc but if he does not get them, then the vices of crying, anger etc get raised as they are already stored in him from his past lives. Nobody has taught anger to a child but once this stored anger gets out, it again leaves its negative mark and again gets stored in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds. In this way, we have continued this process from this birth also.

Fifth Layer : Collective Conscious Mind

At this layer of our mind, there is an intensity of the ethos, moral norms, values etc collected by us over our various births and their intensity literally makes them imprinted around the different chakras located in our spinal cord. When these chakras are empowered and activated by yogic practices like Swaraj Kriya, etc., then their intensity starts decreasing and these imprints may even get erased. In this way, our Collective Conscious Mind gets awakened and helps us to make a connection with the further deeper layers of our mind.

Our Collective Conscious Mind also awakens in the divine presence of a Living Sadguru, and enables us to penetrate the deeper layers of our mind and experience the secrets of Our Infinite Existence.

Sixth Layer : Spontaneous Mind

In spirituality, heart is not a biological part of our body; it is our Spontaneous Mind which is our Heart ! When this layer of our mind is awakened then it is said in spirituality that ‘our heart is formed’. Spiritual heart is formed only on the foundation of unselfish deeds and actions, and it is only now that we can experience the final and last layer of our mind.

Seventh Layer : Ultimate Mind

It is this last layer of our mind that has been called by the Enlightened Beings as our Ultimate Mind — Our ‘Soul’. The purest state of Our Soul is the real ‘God’ and can be experienced at this level of our Ultimate Mind only. The ultimate goal of all spiritual practices is to experience our own Godly Existence and here lies the value of reaching inside to our state of our Ultimate Mind.

Entering the deepest layers of our mind: Entering our Infinite Existence from within our finite body

The success of this birth and this life of ours is only when we desire and then act to enter inside the layers of our mind. This is the path for us to reach our Ultimate Mind and experience our Godly Existence and Infinity. To understand, start and reach the goal of this journey, there is an utmost importance and necessity to have a Present & Living Shri Guru. The eternal mystery of the invisible can start to be understood and becomes visible by entering the layers of our mind under the presence and guidance of a Shri Guru only. The same Conscious Existence which has got enlightened in Shri Guru lies dormant in the seekers and disciples too, and is just waiting to be lighted up. This dormant Conscious Existence is us all can lighten up from Divine Presence and Guidance of Shri Guru and it is by our own want and action that we can also undertake the Divine walk into Our Infinite, we may remain bound in the limits of this body and yet can experience the limitless — boundless state of Our Existence.

Article translated by Sanjay Jain



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