Spiritual Resolutions to Re-invent Your Self

It’s New Year time and every year people make new year’s resolutions to turn into a better person — physically, mentally, intellectually or spiritually. These resolutions are our desires to expand our existence to such an existence where we can feel physically more healthy, mentally more joyful, intellectually more decisive and spiritually more divine.

Taking resolutions is a worthy ritual. It aspires us to break free from the comfort zone of present habits and take a leap into the next zone from where we can go to boundless expansion. The passion and the courage to step out of our habit zone brings within limitless chances of expansion and growth.

To take you along, I suggest you the spiritual resolutions to reinvent oneself. To break the limits and to step into limitless; to come out of finite boundaries of perception to the infinite grace of boundlessness.

1. Be Here Now

Giving tribute to our achievements and shortcomings of past years, be here now. Return your attention to the present as this is the only moment to experience life.

2. Set a higher purpose

The term ‘higher purpose’ defines as the objective of long-lived or permanent happiness. All our joys are so short-lived that the pain-pleasure duo is mostly ruled by pain. Look out for the possibility of pleasure-ruled life.

3. Honour your commitment

From the commitment of making a call or sending a text; reading a book or joining a fitness regime, honour your commitments. When we fulfil our commitments it brings harmony within the layers of our subconscious mind that strengthens our inner abilities.

4. Surrender all that you need to let go of

There are so many things and thoughts that we hold onto. I encourage you to identify such old trash and get rid of them either physically or by surrendering to someone ‘Purer’ you know in this life. Make sure, you surrender one thought at the time and have faith in correction through the Higher.

5. Express love and faith more often

Love and faith are the ruling virtues of the cosmos. The more you express them, the more they manifest. Although you know your love and faith in others yet expression is the key to open its infinite manifestations.

6. Meditate to hear silence

Silence is the cosmic vibration from where everything is created, maintained and dissolved in this universe. Silence holds the answer to our every question — material or spiritual. Practice more and more of silence through any meditation technique that brings you closer to your true existence.

7. Living is giving

After a long time of expansion and evolution within oneself, one is bound to return it back to the community, society, nation and nature. This becomes natural. So, more you are giving, greater is your expansion. Look for ways to return to family, community, society and return selflessly — without any expectation of fruits of action.

8. Grow in gratitude

After all the goods you return experience the lightness, joyfulness, peacefulness within. Thereafter express gratitude to the infinite grace for letting these internal virtues manifesting from within. Express enough of gratitude as it is a bridge that allows consciousness to merge into infinite existence.

9. Explain your anger instead of expressing

It’s very human to get angry when people around imply to wrong and unfair means of living. It’s time to explain your anger by choosing the right way instead of expressing your frustration that severs the situation and relationship.

10. Loose yourself to your True Self

The thin wall of ‘ego’ is the actual cause of pains and sufferings. This ego is a faculty of self-preservation that preserves our belief and perception. Here, everyone is on their journey with millions of beliefs and perceptions. When we honour everyone’s viewpoint as their journey and our perceptions as our journey — we start losing our ego to merge into our true self. The infinite bliss finds its expressions into this state of egoless-ness.

– From the Master’s Diary

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