Your Individual Role in the Coronavirus Crisis — Meditate for Immunity & Spread the feeling of Wellbeing

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In this global situation, there is a visible stress of an invisible epidemic that has somehow managed to put everything into a lockdown. While such measures are important for everyones safety at gross levels, one must ensure that he or she is taking the individual measures to support this global crisis on human life.

7 Roles of a Seeker Amidst the Crisis

Talking from a Spiritual perspective, Sri Guru sums down following 7 points that a seeker must take care of during such times.

  1. The moment you wake up — keep calm and connect deeply with God and Guru.
  2. Send positive affirmations while entering in this day instead of creating unnecessary fear and worries.
  3. Since the disease has not found cure until now therefore precaution is the best form of cure. Take all the necessary precautions as advised.
  4. Apart from the physical sanitisation, spend more & more time in self-cleansing through listening bhakti, satsang and doing meditation.
  5. Life is uncertain and we are witnessing such a time where everything has come to standstill. So, love others unconditionally, seek forgiveness for known & unknown wrongs you have done. This will create the feeling of lightness within amidst all the scare and uncertainty flowing outside.
  6. Don’t let negative notions pop in that God is angry with us and thus punishing us. All the havoc is man-made and we are getting the results of what we have started. God is still benevolent enough and warning us to stop all this unnecessary race against humanity.
  7. Before going to bed, make sure to spread the positive thought waves for ‘everyone’s well being’.

One must inculcate these 7 habits to turn these times into an opportunity of growth and expression of love for all.

Meditate for Inner Immunity & Wellbeing Vibrations

In the wake of this global crisis, everyone is under sheer state of panic for the unknown future. The one who don’t face the fear are the one’s who are undergoing the state of absolute emptiness in their life for which they even don’t know — how to utilise this time. So, at SRM, under the pure vision of Sri Guru, we have put forth the ‘Aarogya Meditation’ — a 50 minute guided meditation in the voice of Sri Guruji.

Guided Meditation for Immunity and Wellbeing

The Meditation includes 4 steps that incorporate all the above mentioned 7 points as duties of a seeker in this times of global crisis.

Step 1 — Fear Detox

After doing the basic body-scanning for preparing the duo of mind & body for meditation, in this step we do the ‘fear detoxification’. Since all the social media is spreading the news of corona virus to bring awareness in people’s mind thus awareness is coming with the element of fear. So, the first stage of meditation puts forward the kriya for detoxifying this element of unnecessary fear.

Step 2 — Purification & Strengthening of the Nasal Cavity

The second stage of meditation deals with the purification & strengthening of nasal cavity which is considered as the entry-point of such virus from where it initiates its disruptive activities. In this stage, we purify and strengthen our nasal cavity by the means of yogic kriya as explained by Sri Guru in the meditation itself. The immediate relief is felt in this nasal area and by 3 days of practice our nasal cavity gets strengthened enough to safeguard itself from harm.

Step 3 — Raising the Immunity Bar

The third stage includes the steps to activate and strengthen the five chakras that can be felt in our spinal cord. Chakras are the invisible wheels located at specific places in our spine that holds the entire immune system of humans. In this stage of meditation, Sri Guru guides the way to activate the chakras’ strength within, which in-turn strengthens our immune system.

Step 4 — Spreading the Vibrations of Everyone’s Wellbeing

In this concluding stage of meditation, Sri Guru teaches us the way to create the vibrations for everyone’s wellbeing. These thought vibrations are then connected with the heart beat to spread the wellness all around.

The meditation ends with the feeling of mental calmness, physical strength and universal amity for well being of everyone. Such initiatives at the individual level have potential to impact the world as a whole, and relieve it from this ongoing stress and fear. You must thrive to perform your part of the job.

Wishing you a blessed journey inwards.
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