Rich, Famous, and Meditating: See What These Successful People Say About Meditation

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2 min readJan 25, 2019


Celebrities and famous personalities. They reach out to us through thousands of miles to inspire us and touch our lives. Coming from different backgrounds, the one thing they have in common is that they have risen beyond all obstacles all the way to the top. One might wonder: what pushed them to the top and allowed them to stay there?

While there are many factors to a person’s success, there is one thing these people have in common: they all practice meditation on a regular basis.

1. Steve Jobs

First on our list is the man who rocked the world as one of the most profound pioneers of computer engineering. Not the least among the many valuable contributions this revolutionary genius has bestowed upon the world is the now ubiquitous iPhone. But did you know that meditation was a serious part of his personal life? A pioneer of Zen mindfulness meditation, he meditated regularly to gain clarity, reduce stress, and enhance his creativity.

2. Jeff Weiner

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is one of the most vocal personalities when it comes to meditation. According to him, his appreciation for health is a part of his philosophy for success, as well as love and time. Using a popular meditation app, he leverages technology and devotes time off his calendar daily to maintain a regular meditation routine.

3. Marc Benioff

American billionaire, author and philanthropist Marc Benioff says the first time he started practising meditation was while he was working as Oracle employee beginning to rise through the company’s ranks. Meditation helped him deal with stress and keep a clear head. Now as a business mogul, Benioff says meditation has taught him to listen closely prior to making any decisions.

4. Paul McCartney

Perhaps one of the most recognisable names on this list, Sir Paul McCartney has risen far beyond his fame as a member of the Beatles to become one of the most influential songwriters, composers and performers in the history of modern music. An avid meditator, Paul has been practising transcendental meditation for over 50 years and considers it a lifelong gift.

5. Oprah

Considered by many to be the most influential woman in the world, Lady O’s influence covers a wide range of personalities from politicians to celebrities and entertainers, and even to countless viewers and fans all around the globe.

Some of the people on our list embarked on their meditation journey on their own. Others, like Steve Jobs, enlisted the help of a highly-skilled meditation guru to show them the way. Whichever you prefer, it all starts with the first step: making the decision to start meditating.