Welcome to Blitz Esports

As esports fans, we’ve all experienced these sensations: the heart-thumping excitement amidst whoops and gasps as a big play unfolds. The gut-wrenching disappointment as your team — the team that was supposed to win it all — gets taken down. The feeling of instant camaraderie with people you’ve just met, simply because you’re cheering for the same team.

Esports is a million stories about passion.

Stories that get you pumped, that immerse you in their community, that push you to dream. Stories that deserve to be told and heard. We at Blitz want to share these stories and fuel the passion of esports fans all over the world. It’s what brought our team together in the first place, and it’s been our mission since Day 1.

Today, we are officially announcing the launch of Blitz (formerly Instant Esports), a publication and platform dedicated to esports.

As a publication, Blitz explains the numerous underlying stories within esports. Our vision is not only to report the “what” of newsworthy events, but also to dig into the “whys,” the “hows,” and their implications — all in sleek formats that are easy to view and understand. We want to offer new perspectives on news, trends, and commonly-held thoughts on the scene. To do that, we’re making it a top priority to create a place where relevant individuals (team owners, players, tournament organizers, experts, etc) can speak their mind (see: interview with ex-pro Crumbz in our Culver City studio). All stories have multiple sides, and we’ll make sure fans get the full breakdown.

One of our first original pieces

Blitz content will be supported by resources built to serve esports fans’ every need. Our mobile app currently helps fans keep up with the latest news, scores, and team performance history for League of Legends, and will expand to include other major esports. We’re also building a website with all the features of the mobile app — on steroids — along with a chat where fans can discuss news, controversial topics, and live games. Expect big updates coming in the next few weeks.

The Blitz website and mobile app

We’re extremely fortunate to have been supported by partners who understand our mission: that fueling the passion of fans always comes first. Huge thanks to Y Combinator, Jason Ostheimer from Advancit Capital, Jeremy Fiance from The House Fund, Clinton Foy from CrossCut Ventures, Anjney Midha from KPCB Edge, Greg Rosen from BoxGroup, Josh Elman from Greylock Partners, and the team at Riot Games.

A huge thank you to our users and viewers, old and new, who have supported us along the way. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but we’re very excited to show you what’s to come from Blitz.

From Rick Ling and the Blitz team (Jonathan Lin, Jonathan Wu, Joanna Jao, Shawn Park, and Mark Register)

Special thanks to Sebastian Merz, who was vital in helping us get to where we are today.

Check out our content @ blitzesports.com and download our mobile app for iOS and Android.

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