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Blitz launches Combat Overlay to help players improve in Valorant

Our team has spent the majority of the past few months listening to all members of our Blitz Community. Your feedback has informed us on our future goals that we are looking forward to accomplish with Blitz:

Recently, we applied the above priorities in our approach to coach Valorant. Aside from mechanical skills, there is general confusion for new and casual players regarding correlated stats and their impact on in-game performance. Creating a product that solves this problem and creating an environment for you to have fun while competing with friends was our teams’ inspiration. Today, we are pleased to announce our Valorant, Combat Overlay:

How does the Combat Overlay Work?

The Combat Overlay tracks the users’ stats in real-time without adding a competitive advantage, perceived or otherwise. To maintain competitive integrity we have engineered innovative solutions to help players improve by tracking stats such as: Combat Score, Headshot %, and Kills.

A good way to understand how it works to break the damage down into visible and invisible. Visible damage for weapons only are tracked in real time. Visible damage for abilities are only available to the user when the enemy dies. Invisible damage, through walls, smokes, abilities, darts, while blind, etc. are only available to the user when the enemy dies.

Does Blitz track damage through walls/smokes/utilities in real time?

No, we only track visible damage for weapons in real time. The way we have engineered the product, our algorithm explicitly removes real time damage that is not in the field of view of the user. (demos below)

Company Philosophy

We are here to provide a free, fun, and effective way for every player to learn how to improve with Blitz. We want to level the playing field with Blitz by rewarding players for their dedication to improvement. Player integrity is at the forefront of our development with the Valorant, Combat Overlay. We were able to not only highlight the struggles new players have but effectively provide a solution for them to focus on the right behaviors that will help them improve.




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