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Last Edited June 22nd; 2019: We will be updating this Teamfight Tactics Guide continuously so check back in for expanded content!

Teamfight Tactics in the Client

What is Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a new game mode in League of Legends available through the client, entirely modeled off DotA’s auto-chess mode. In TFT, you play as a “Little Legend”, and you’re matched into a game with 7 other people (for a total of 8).

Playable Little Legends

Each game has several rounds. Each round, you’ll build and revise an army to fight an enemy 1 on 1. The winner will deal damage to the loser’s Little Legend. The last Little Legend standing wins the game.

The last Little Legend standing wins!

How do you build an army?

At the start of the game, you’re placed on an island where there is a rotating circle of Champions. Walk over to the Champion you want to draft as the first in your army.

After the initial phase, the main way you’ll get Champions is by buying them. A shop with 5 random Champions will appear at the start of each round. Leveling up your Little Legend will give you a great chance of getting more expensive and rare Champions.

The shop is at the bottom, with 1G and 2G Champions available to purchase

You can re-roll your selection of champions for 2 gold (We’ll explain how to get gold later). For a full list of available champions, their stats, and their costs, you can visit our Champions page.

Draft duplicates of Champions in order to level them up. Three normal champions will combine into a super, and three supers into an ultimate. By combining champions, you’ll significantly increase their base stats and damage.

3 Normal Champs = 1 Super

You can sell your own Champions to the shop by dragging them over it. A champion’s sell value is based on their rarity and how upgraded they are. Items held by a Champion that’s sold will be returned to your inventory.

You should draft in order to upgrade your Champions, as the stat and damage gain increases dramatically when they tier up. Make sure you focus on looking to update a few Champs at the same time, and of similar classes and origins, to unlock special effects.

How does fighting work?

In between each round, you can move your Champions to the hexagonal grid from your bench to form your army for the next fight. Keep in mind how your Champions move across the map to attack — some champions walk, some jump over to the enemy, and ranged Champions can attack from afar.

Army Organization UI

When the fight begins, champions will automatically attack each other until their mana bar is full, in which case they’ll use their ultimate abilities.

Armies Fighting

At the end of each round, both players will gain both gold and EXP. Gold will allow you to buy more champions or EXP. Champions will make your army stronger, while leveling up your Little Legend with EXP will allow you to place more pieces on the board.

The amount of gold gained is based on whether you won or lost the round, and on whether or not you’re on a win streak or loss streak.

You can see the Little Legend getting gold

In addition, you get a bonus of 1 gold for every 10 gold you’re holding, up to a maximum of 5 gold. You can see your current bonus reflected on the left-hand side of the board.

See how the left side lights up with gold coins? That’s the bonus income.

Origins and Classes

Each Champion will have an origin, a class, and their own unique ultimate ability. Currently, there are 13 origins and 10 classes in the game, each with their own unique attributes. You can get all of the details at Blitz.GG/tft

All Origins and Classes, also check out at our Classes and Origins Page

For example, Garen has the Noble origin, the Knight class. This means that in addition to his ultimate ability, he grants bonus armor and health per attack to random allies and he occasionally blocks auto attack damage.

If you look closely at the Poppy, the attacks miss her because the enemy team has 3 Yordles

Certain races and classes have synergies with each other. For example, Yordles grant ally Yordles a chance to dodge auto attacks. This means if your army contains two or more Yordles, those Yordles will have a chance to avoid auto attack damage every so often.

Here is an image of all the known Champion Origin/Class combinations.

All known Champions classified by their class and origin. For additional Champion info, you can visit our Champions page.


At the start of the game and every few rounds, your army will fight neutral AI units as opposed to enemy players. These neutral minions will drop items, which will be automatically collected in the bottom left corner of your screen.

When the AI units die, the items fly to the bottom left

There are currently 8 Basic items that will drop

When you get items, you can give them to Champions, powering them up and giving them extra stats or abilities.

Items can be combined by dragging and dropping an item onto another item, or onto a Champion holding a Basic Level Item.

When you click and drag an item over another item, there will be a preview of what the items will combine into. The items will only be combined if you release the mouse click, so as long as you don’t drop the item onto another, you’ll be able to figure out all the different combinations available to you!

Item Combination UI

For all the items, their effects, and their recipes, you can check out our items page which will be kept as up-to-date as possible!

Carousel Round

The last thing of note is the carousel round. Every few rounds (similar to at the start of the game), all players get teleported to the carousel island, where there’s a rotating carousel of Champions with items.

The mid-game Carousel Round

Unlike the start of the game, each player is frozen in place after being teleported. When the round begins, players get unfrozen in pairs, starting with the 2 players with the least health, onto the next two, and so forth.

When a player is unfrozen, they can move to claim a Champion and their item. In order to collect a Champion, the player simply has to walk over the one they want in the carousel.

During this phase, it’s very important to figure out a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice for which champion and item combination you would like so you can quickly claim something useful.

That’s it for our 101 Guide, we will be releasing more in-depth content in the near future.

Thanks for reading!

Get all the information you need about TFT at — your go-to site for Teamfight Tactics Statistics, Personal Profiles, and game guides.

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