v1.6.0 Patch notes

Blitz Press
Dec 19, 2019 · 2 min read

We’ve just updated to v1.6.0


New Profiles, Bug Fixes, & Much More

  • Completely new profiles built from the ground up and up to 3 times faster! We plan to release many more updates around profiles soon as well, stay tuned.
  • Clicking on a champion on TFT Champion Table now links to the Specific Champion Page
  • Settings page is now much more organized, you can now comprehend all Blitz has to offer in a much simpler fashion
  • Increased security throughout the entire app
  • Enabled Poro King mode for drafting
  • Drastically improved performance throughout live game and drafting
  • Added notification when rune import fails and shows the user how to fix it
  • Added all new aggregated TFT comps to the TFT comps overlay
  • Fixed issue where all images and static data would show up as missing or with a ?
  • Fixed issue where the app would not quit or reload upon user request
  • Fixed issue where TFT Static data wouldn’t update per patch
  • Fixed issue where settings would get reset, settings now save to your account in real-time
  • Fixed styling and logic bugs around Settings and adding profiles
  • Fixed infinite loading when a profile has no matches
  • Fixed unique 404 on TFT Specific Champion Page
  • Fixed crash on invalid TFT Comps
  • Fixed issue where users would crash when updating the app
  • Fixed Black Screen Issue for Windows 7 Users

Usual disclaimer

The app will update automatically, so don’t worry if it’s not updating or finding an update right away! If you want the update ASAP, feel free to download it from our website


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