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v1.6.25 Patch notes

We’ve updated to v1.6.25


  • Added support for patch 10.5

League of Legends

  • Made significant performance improvements in drafting
  • Made improvements to match-up counter logic in drafting


  • Added more details and features to TFT live game

Profiles: Instead of having a combination of compositions, we’re going to show the counts for single traits. We’ll also have the unit counts for players on their profile.

Live Game: Adding a lot more functionality to live game where it will now have stats about the players in your lobby. We will show the top units/traits that the players have used in their previous 20 matches. The initial landing shows a summary of the lobby and then users can toggle to see the entire list of either units or traits. clicking on a player row will change the module to show stats for that specific player only.

Usual disclaimer

The app will update automatically, so don’t worry if it’s not updating or finding an update right away! If you want the update ASAP, feel free to download it from our website




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