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v1.6.30 Patch notes

We’ve updated to v1.6.30


  • Make App Security Improvements

League of Legends

  • Add improvements to UI in drafting
  • Hide unsuitable playstyle tags in ARAM
  • Fix images and data not loading in some rare cases
  • Fix champion proficiency not loading in drafting
  • Fix role icons in drafting
  • Fix Garena matches

Teamfight Tactics

  • Add support for upcoming TFT Set 3
  • Add setting that let’s you set champion images to be default LOL or the TFT ingame ones

Usual disclaimer

The app will update automatically, so don’t worry if it’s not updating or finding an update right away! If you want the update ASAP, feel free to download it from our website





Providing insights on how to be a better player…engineer, and designer.

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