v1.6.4 Patch notes

Blitz Press
Jan 13 · 1 min read

We’ve updated to v1.6.4

Many bug fixes and many new features

League of Legends

  • Add Champion skill videos onboarding
  • Fix champion matchups in drafting
  • Fix champion proficiency in drafting/live game
  • Fix loading of outdated rune descriptions
  • Fix redirect based on game mode


  • Add 10.1 units and items
  • Add TFT item statistics
  • Add items and much more to TFT matches
  • Add Lux & Qiyana type to app and overlay
  • Remove duplicate Qiyana Comps from app and overlay

Usual disclaimer

The app will update automatically, so don’t worry if it’s not updating or finding an update right away! If you want the update ASAP, feel free to download it from our website


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