Absence Of Noise

Photo by Vinícius Henrique Photography on Unsplash

We are at the moment where there are a lot of buzz or popups from the four corners of the room than ever before. The technological advancement we are experiencing is something we haven’t seen before. Most of the things that we want can be accessed through our fingertips. Before, you will open a tv or listen to a radio to get some news. But now, with just one click, you can now all get the latest news.

We are also experiencing the moment where the internet has never been offline like before. A lot of us stay online almost 24/7. Scrolling through our phones, going through social media. A lot of things going on.

At some point, these things can be a distraction to our life. These things at some point distract us from attaining our focus or attention. It is common to see these days where we prioritize checking our messages instead of doing what we are supposed to do. Every day, we bombard our brains with information that leaves us to be incoherent.

In my experience, whenever I am having a hard time. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to be alone not because I am sad. But because being alone allows me to self-check. It allows me to observe my thoughts and emotions. How are me? What I am feeling right now? Removing these noises — distractions allows me to answer some of the questions I am longing to know.

Maybe silence is the answer.

Maybe silence on the outside is the way inwards.

May you reach your dreams.



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