Do The Opposite

JM Santos
Blitzkrieg Motivation
2 min readMar 12


Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

Our emotions play an important role in our life. It allows us to experience different flavors of life. Regardless of an individual’s age, any emotion can still be felt. It is timeless. It gives you a sense of being alive.

I cannot see life without any emotions, without colors or flavors. It is a must to have, at least, here on Earth. Otherwise, many things might be potentially useless like you.

Knowing the crucial part of our emotions in our life, most of the time we fail to understand it and balance the scale. I’d like you to think of emotions as chemical substances. Chemical substances that can be mixed, dissolve, or recompose. Due to it being a smart component, it tries to balance it for you. It gives you suggestions on how it will be in the next state. However, most of the time we tend to agree and let it go.

Whenever we experience the feeling of not being motivated or not having enough energy to go to the gym. That is the result of its own computation based on the previous data. Probably you were tired a few hours ago and that’s why right now you aren’t motivated or don’t have enough energy. The problem is we tend to agree and let it go with that. We don’t examine. We are taking that as the source of truth which shouldn’t depend on the context.

Emotions are not bad. Emotions are the result of what chemicals you’ve mixed in the past. Sometimes, we can use our emotions as the source of truth but sometimes we shouldn’t. We have to be more aware and more intelligent in handling it so we achieve what we want to achieve.

May you reach your dreams.