Don’t Do It For The Stats

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

These days most of the engagements come in a form of likes, views, or shares. The more you got likes, views, or shares the more you want to continue reaching it. And so, the more you want to catch it every time.

These days it is hard to recognize someone enhancing their craft, doing what they really want, and muting external voices. We are driven by these forms of engagements to the point where we lose the true value and purpose of why we are doing it.

From a practical perspective, it may make sense because you need some financial support and anything. But, for how long are you going to catch that train?

Catching the train of stats might lead you to the top temporarily. How long?

One of the alternatives to not waiting for that train is you get the opportunity to hone your craft. You get the opportunity to do what you really want to do.

The stats aren’t bad at all. Some stats provide you insights on some aspects of your life on where you can improve and get better. But, I’m coming from the background of don’t do it just because you want to gain a lot of engagements from your falsework.

Stay true to yourself.

May you reach your dreams.



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