Don’t Give Up

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

There comes a time in life when we experience pain or hardship events. It may come in a form of you trying to build something you really like building and seeing slow progression or working on a skill you really want to have.

While in the middle of this process and when you’re mentally tired and physically exhausted, it’s easy to take some shortcuts and give up. You might think, that no one sees you or everyone will understand and expect me to give up. But are you truly OK with that or there is something deep within you that wants to do what’s necessary? And break the barrier of what’s possible and not.

The thing with what’s possible and what’s not possible really depends on an individual. One can say something is impossible yet there is another individual living on the other side of the planet, who has achieved it. What’s possible and what’s not possible is something you are responsible to discover for yourself. If you want to know, truly know, then you can’t give up and just sit.

When the moment you feel like giving up, that’s the moment where you separate yourself from your old self. Not from anybody but from yourself, your past self. This is the moment where you draw the line between what you think is possible and impossible. You could go farther or go around the shore. After all, it is in the mind where our limitations are.

May you reach your dreams.



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