Go After It Will All You Got

Photo by Filippo Orvieto on Unsplash

Going after your goals and dreams can be scary. It takes a lot of sacrifices, patience, and hard work to make progress. Sometimes you will have to let go of some things, some people, or importantly your previous self to reach it. And that is not a selfish act.

Reaching the goal and the dream isn’t the prize. You know that it is in the process where you truly gain the progress you need in life. It is on how you become courageous to go after what you want regardless of your current state and how you will keep on showing up to it.

A wise person once said to me, if you really want it and you’re pretty damn sure about it, go after it. Do not think about the results but just go after them.

It’s really hard to go after the things you really want in life but is there a choice? We have to change for things to change even on a deeper level… from thoughts to our actions.

One day you will get what you want. One day you will also realize how important the journey is. One day it will be yours.

May you reach your dreams.



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