I Don’t Have To Rush Things

JM Santos
Blitzkrieg Motivation
2 min readJan 15


Photo by Camila Damásio on Unsplash

There are times in life when we force ourselves to reach a certain goal. We work hard and do our best to achieve it. And sometimes we sacrifice a lot of things and really risk a lot for the sake of achieving it.

But why does sometimes it doesn’t work despite the work I’ve put in? Do I don’t need to work on it?

The quote on this post doesn’t encourage you to not work on your goal. It goes beyond working towards our goal in an unnatural approach.

There’s an approach from Allan Watts in his Backwards Law where he states that the more we rush the process of achieving our goal, the more it goes further.

Why is that? It is because the more we focus on what lack on us. The feeling of fulfillment, happiness, or motivation is some of the feelings we want. Yet the more we look for them, the more it seems unreachable. Focusing on what is lacking in us programs our bodies to feel the victim role. The more it focuses on what is missing.

If that’s the case, how are we going to achieve our goal? It sounds counterintuitive.

Based on my understanding and experience, for us to apply the backward law we have to think outside of our goal. Our goal whatever it is will be the one setting the path. But our main focus would be on the journey itself.

How are we evolving on it? How are we creating new habits around it?

And when we remove our mindset from the goal itself and focus on the journey toward it, then it will come.

What does it mean?

It means we let go of the pressure of reaching our goal. We let go of a lot of things and purely grow through them.

It is challenging. I haven’t done it perfectly all the time. However, it is a great reminder to let of uncontrollable things and focus on the journey itself — especially in the present moment.

After all the present moment is the only thing we have and have control over.

It will come naturally.

May you reach your dreams.