I Will Improve Every Time; I Will Get Better Every Time

JM Santos
Blitzkrieg Motivation
2 min readJan 22


Photo by alevision.co on Unsplash

When we look through the lens of the past, it is usually our ego that is talking to us. It’s reliving what you’ve done in the past and giving you all the boost you need.

When you look through the lens of the future, it is usually our pride that is talking with us. It is setting the expectation and how you are going to take charge of it.

And lastly, when we look through the lens of the present, it is not our ego nor our pride talking to us. It is usually our own self because all we are concerned about is the present. No judgments and no expectations are being made.

Why is this important to know?

Most of the time we listen to our ego and pride whenever we are handling a task in our present moment. We let these voices interfere with our own thinking and let them control how we are going to act.

An example is when we work out in the gym. You probably have heard about the term “ego lifter” and that’s basically saying a person who lifts weight for the sole purpose of impressing anyone. Not entirely about his self-development.

In the gym, there are people who want to always lift heavier weights more than anyone. They think they are better than anyone. Their ego and their pride are consuming them in that.

When we focus on ourselves, on our own self-development we became liberated from these voices. And by being liberated we allow ourselves to experience the beauty of life.

Focus on your own development.
It is only you vs the previous you. Nothing else is in front of you. Everyone is just an illusion created by these voices. Instruct these voices to know how to be present.

May you reach your dreams.