Imagine You Are Like A Tree

Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

The greatest investment in life is investing in yourself. Invest in how to become a better individual; develop better values, develop better habits, and develop a better mindset & perspective. Just like a strong tree or a strong martial artist, its stance is where it all starts. The strong foundation and core in the roots.

Each of us has the capability to reach great heights in life. No one is destined to be nothing. We are all unique and have a unique way of enriching this world. It is us who determine how to unleash it.

Developing ourselves might sound unnecessary to other people because they have to do mostly internal work rather than external work. External works are the product of your internal works. What you do or practice internally is what gets reflected outside.

If we are balanced internally, blissfulness is the side effect. Balance may also sound impossible but people have done it. Spiritually, mentally and physically balanced. These words won’t be formed unless someone has done it.

As a tree, once you’ve continued pouring and developing yourself sooner or later you will gain branches. You will grow. You will be huge. And when it happens, you have now the ability to reach more trees to help do the same too. We are all interconnected like how trees are connected to each other through their roots beneath.

Keep on working on yourself. You’re doing a great job!

May you reach your dreams.



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