It Might Be One Of The Greatest Things That Will Happen

JM Santos
Blitzkrieg Motivation
2 min readJan 5


Photo by Diego Gennaro on Unsplash

Most of the time the reason why we get afraid is because of the unknown. We don’t know what will happen. We don’t know how things will turn out to be. We can’t calculate the effect or risk of that action. Or we can’t just unwrap the whole thing and get some sort of authority or control over it.

We aren’t used to or trained to let things go. To let go of the things that happened in the past and what might not happen in the future.

Why are we afraid of what we don’t know?

One of the reasons why we are afraid of what we don’t know is because it might hurt us. It might set us up for discomfort or might kill us.

It is commonly believed that our body has been designed to protect itself. Protect itself from any type of danger because it needs to live. It is believed to be the nature of the body.

However, we fail to understand that since our body’s nature is to protect us. We normally fail to teach our bodies when to set up the protection and when not to.

We haven’t taught our bodies that bringing up the past or worrying about the future will cause some major damage internally.

If we improve and learn how to distinguish the real danger from not, we may be able to experience the greatest things in our life.

On the other side of fear, lies might be the greatest thing in our life. Go past that fear. You can do it!

May you reach your dreams.