Keep Holding On To Your Dreams

Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash

It is easy to get impatient when we don’t see the results of our work. It is easy to complain about the things we are doing. It is easy to give up when everything seems not working for us. It is easy.

Being in the process takes an enormous amount of work, sacrifice, and perseverance to get the result that we want. It is hard to be consistent especially when you’re doing it for a long period of time and don’t see massive improvements. The chart of being consistent and eager to work starts to go down.

One of the mindsets we can incorporate is to remind ourselves that we are working on one grain at a time. Know that we are working on this thing for a long-term purpose, not for a short-term purpose only. The moment we realize that these challenges we are facing will be critical in the long term and will give me a substantial amount of experience then things start to change.

Everybody gets stuck at something. Everybody gets stuck at some point. But some people surpass it by changing how they see the situation. By realizing that they have made progress today regardless of how small or big. As long as they moved, that’s great!

If you are feeling stuck or down right now, know that you are doing a great job. Know that you are the only person who does these things at best. Realize that you are in here for the long term. You are doing a great job!

Keep on persevering and holding on to your dreams.

May you reach your dreams.



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