Life Isn’t About Becoming The First One To Finish

Photo by Steven Lelham on Unsplash

We want to be the best. We want to be the first person to ever do something. We want to be the first place. We want to be the first one to finish the race.

Is life really about being the first?

From a competition perspective, there is a judgment that needs to have to determine who wins the match.

Do you see life as a competition too?

I was running a few days ago and suddenly I saw someone catching up with me. I felt some competitive feeling where I don’t this person to get on me. As I continue to hear the footsteps of this person on my side the urge to boost and run fast is accumulating. At that very moment, I wanted to beat that person even though there is no “competition” happening. I let go of that feeling and ignored it. That person got up on me but I was able to catch up without some ego. It felt liberating.

Most of the time we create some sort of competition in our own minds. We wanted to compete even though there is no match competition. We wanted to be the first in everything even though it really doesn’t matter who reach a certain destination first.

We all have a different journey. My journey and your journey are unique. We may have some lapses — where we meet in our journey, but it is just a shared journey to be enjoyed.

The moment you are able to control the urge to rush to go to the top is one of the liberating experiences in life. You will be free like you always and will be.

May you reach your dreams.



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