Plant Before You Reap

Photo by Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

There is a saying, you are the product of your past choices. All the choices you’ve made in the past whether you think it is bad or good, you become it.

Your intelligence & physical body are the accumulation of knowledge you have gathered throughout your journey in life. At least based on our limited experience in life, we can’t get something from the future and bring it to the present.

When a farmer plants a seed, it knows that it will take time. Planting a seed is very important because the farmer knows after how many days and weeks, the seed will grow and can be harvested. It doesn’t expect or wish for seeds to plant themselves and get something out of it.

Planting in life can be done in many ways. You can do it by working on your self like reading books, surrounding yourself with positive materials, and working hard on your craft. Planting in life doesn’t have rules. It doesn’t have any requirements for each and other people. It may overlap with others but most of the time it is a different requirement per individual. Whatever you planted in life, know that in time it will grow and you will be able to harvest it.

When the harvest time comes, the element of surprise also comes. The difference between a farmer planting seed on the farm and the person planting a seed in life is that in life you don’t know when it will come. You are just sure that it will grow and the time will come but you don’t know when, how, where, and why it comes out during that moment. That’s the element of surprise!

Planting in life isn’t something you do because it is required by other people or something else. Planting in life is based on you and you only. You plant because you feel it on you. You plant not because you are faking it. You plant because that is what you truly want.

When you’ve planted a seed in life, it is not important what is the result of it. It is not important what you will reap out of it. What matters is what you become throughout the process of planting and harvesting. The process in between the two moments is what will truly make you.

May you reach your dreams.



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