Start The Moment Right First

JM Santos
Blitzkrieg Motivation
2 min readApr 28, 2024


There’s a saying, either the day runs you or you run the day.

Most of the time we lose control over our day due to a lot of factors that might affect one or another. And it results in us being like a dead fish in a river.

Just going to the motion and not growing through the motion.

We often hear to start your day right. Which is not wrong. We all want to start our day right and have the right actions and content early in the morning.

We want to reach and achieve our goals and dreams.

However, we cannot control a bunch of things. We cannot control 100% of the external events.

And so, even if we start our day right it could still eventually be labeled as a bad day, technically right?

What we can do is increase our awareness of the present moment.

Instead of trying to think and maintaining the peace throughout the day which might be overwhelming to some.

We can just focus on the present moment. Just this present moment.


And breath.

And breathe again.

And breathe one more.

Forget about what happened in the past hours. We cannot take it back. It’s gone already.

We only have now.

Let’s make this present moment the best moment for ourselves.


May you reach your dreams.