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Blixt & Dunder

How we’ve built our dream company

Four years ago my partner and I started our own design studio. We wanted it to be different than the companies we knew and had worked for. We wanted it to be a place for creativity, innovation, and a place to call home. This is the background story, what we dreamt, and still dream of, and what we actually have managed to build.

Blixt Stickers — Our own iOS sticker pack




Mira, Nina, Teresa, and Linda — Barcelona, Spain 2018


Daniel & Christina — Barcelona, Spain 2016


Design workshop — Beirut, Lebanon 2017.

Giving back

Turning four



We are a design-driven user experience and innovation studio from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Daniel Zander

Daniel Zander is a Swedish designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works primarily with clients in Scandinavia and the Middle East.