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Dropbox Paper is a Bloated MVP

Dropbox Paper launched a few years ago, before I started this blog or had clarified the concept of a “bloated MVP”.

Their home page says “Dropbox Paper is more than a doc — it’s a workspace that brings creation and coordination together in one place.” I always thought it was supposed to be a Google Docs killer with more features.

Now has done such a great job reviewing this product’s value prop (or lack thereof) that I don’t have anything to add:

Dropbox Paper Review 2020: A Limited Tool with Limited Use

After reading about Dropbox Paper’s features and user-friendliness, you might be wondering who it’s supposed to serve. That’s a fair question, given that Paper spreads itself so thin. You can do many things superficially with it, but few in a deep, detailed way.


Every feature works, but it remains unclear why anyone would use Dropbox Paper over another program that has similar features, but with greater depth. That’s not to say that you couldn’t get some use out of the program, but it’s not going to be the right one for most people.

In other words, Dropbox Paper lacks a Value Prop Story.

I’m not sure how much traction it got. Not much, right? I’m guessing they’ll stop maintaining it in the next couple years.




Is your MVP bloated?

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