The Billion Dollar Homepage

NFTs meet old-web nostalgia

Liron Shapira
Bloated MVP


After seeing a bunch of people on Twitter talking about “CryptoPunks” and realizing how much money these NFTs were trading for, I made a gimmick site called The Billion Dollar Homepage.

It lets you see all 10,000 CryptoPunks on your screen, so you can feast your eyes on $1 Billion of pure NFT value.

Of course, this is not a fully original idea, it’s my updated take on Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Home Page from 2005:

It’s interesting how in the last 16 years, things on the internet have gotten 1,000x more over-the-top. The entire Million Dollar Home Page is worth as much as two CryptoPunks on the Billion Dollar Home Page.

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