Web3 is Vision-LARPing

Role-playing as a visionary when you don’t have a coherent vision

I’m not inspired by Web3’s vision because the end state that it’s supposedly aiming for — regardless of whether the technology to get there makes sense, and whether the various execution challenges are feasible — is super vague.

  • Back a political candidate who has a long-term plan you believe in
  • Start a company to make something people want
  • Work on megaprojects
  • Invest actively in companies and expect a high return
  • Follow election polls to see which candidate is the most popular this week
  • Graduate from business school and become a consultant
  • Work on a bunch of smaller projects to become well-rounded and keep your options open
  • Invest passively in a portfolio of stocks and bonds and expect low returns
  • What killer application runs on the platform?
  • What structure goes on top of the infrasturcture?
  • Meta is building VR social interactions that match and exceed the experience of physically-mediated interactions
  • The Seasteading Institute promotes the creation of floating ocean cities as a solution to problems such as rising sea levels and poor governance
  • Alcor cryopreserves human brains to enable future decoding and reanimation of the persons they contain
  1. Moderately visionary, but not compelling enough to have had a serious non-blockchain predecessor project

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