Your MVP Is Bloated

Liron Shapira
Bloated MVP
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1 min readMay 11, 2019

You’ve spent the last 6 months working on your so-called “MVP”. Now you finally launch it on Product Hunt, Hacker News, Twitter, etc. Your analytics tools light up: People are signing up and checking it out!

You’re on a high… which lasts for about 1 day.

After that, all the random people stop coming to your site.

Forget about viral hockey-stick growth… do you even have 1 or 2 actual users? No, you have zero users. Your product is a ghost town.

The thing you launched apparently doesn’t satisfy a market need, at least not in its current form.

Should you feel bad about that?

If your MVP was really an MVP, then you shouldn’t feel bad. Great work takes many iterations.

On the other hand, if your MVP was bloated, then you should feel bad. It was a waste of 6 months. Before you even started working on it, I could have told you that you could have accomplished the same result in 6 days.

That’s the advice I’ll be giving various startups here at Bloated MVP.

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