Bloated MVP

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  • Your MVP is Bloated
    When you finally “launch” your MVP, you’ll probably get zero users and you’ll feel stupid for making a bloated MVP.
  • What’s Your Value Prop Story?
    The Value Prop Story Test is a quick and easy sanity check for a startup. It should be really easy for startups…

NFTs meet old-web nostalgia

After seeing a bunch of people on Twitter talking about “CryptoPunks” and realizing how much money these NFTs were trading for, I made a gimmick site called The Billion Dollar Homepage.

It lets you see all 10,000 CryptoPunks on your screen, so you can feast your eyes on $1 Billion of pure NFT value.

Of course, this is not a fully original idea, it’s my updated take on Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Home Page from 2005:

Chris Dixon recently tweeted this thread about how Web3 represents an opportunity for new projects to successfully compete with existing ones by charging lower “take rates”.

In my view, Chris’s thread is a perfect example of what’s wrong with today’s blockchain ecosystem. …

VCs’ job is to value companies. They should stop LARPing about “value add”, “deal flow”, and “access “.

Public-market investors are comfortable telling you what they do: buy stocks low and sell them high. But Venture Capital investors who do the exact same thing — buy equity in startups at what they think is a low price, and exit higher — seem much less comfortable talking honestly about…

Beaker Browser is an open-source “peer-to-peer browser for Web hackers” project led by Paul Frazee and Tara Vancil. Here’s the kind of description you can find on the project home page:

The Web should be a creative tool for everyone. Beaker brings peer-to-peer publishing to the Web, turning the browser…

The evolutionary leap that only a small fraction of startups manage to make

In pondering the Fermi paradox, the confusing fact that humans seem to be the only intelligent life in the observable universe, a popular theory first published by Robin Hanson asserts the existence of an evolutionary leap that’s extremely rare for any species to make. The “Great Filter” is Hanson’s term…

So I watched the movie about General Magic and I figure it’s up my alley to analyze how this train wreck happened.

If you haven’t heard the story: Two of the original Apple geniuses, Bill Atkinson and Andy Hertzeld, plus a charismatic business guy named Marc Porat, left Apple in…

Hey is an email service developed by Basecamp and launched in June 2020. Within 10 days of launching into public beta, they reportedly made their first $1M in revenue by selling over 10,000 subscriptions at $99/yr.

Hey has an opinionated view on what are the most common workflows that people…

Dropbox Paper launched a few years ago, before I started this blog or had clarified the concept of a “bloated MVP”.

Their home page says “Dropbox Paper is more than a doc — it’s a workspace that brings creation and coordination together in one place.” …

Bloated MVP

Is your MVP bloated?

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