Bloated MVP

Role-playing as a visionary when you don’t have a coherent vision

I’m not inspired by Web3’s vision because the end state that it’s supposedly aiming for — regardless of whether the technology to get there makes sense, and whether the various execution challenges are feasible — is super vague.

In my previous posts, I focused on analyzing Web3’s value prop to…

Cryptocurrencies are useful because millions of people want to make transactions that their governments want to prevent

Welcome to the latest installment of my quest to try to put my finger on a web3 value prop. Today we’ll be exploring whether cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin might plausibly have any good value props. If you’re just joining, you may want to catch up on my previous posts:

The ability for applications to read and write their data to the blockchain will be inconsequential

When you ask people what Web3’s biggest value props are, a common answer is sharing interoperable data across applications. Here’s what a typical explanation looks like:

Chris claims that shared data like “usernames, social graphs and posts” are an important reason why Web3 apps will differentiate from…

Yesterday’s web3-themed episode of Tim Ferriss’s Podcast didn’t provide the one thing I was hoping for

I just listened to the October 28, 2021 episode of the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, titled Chris Dixon and Naval Ravikant — The Wonders of Web3, How to Pick the Right Hill to Climb, Finding the Right Amount of Crypto Regulation, Friends with Benefits, and the Untapped Potential of NFTs…

NFTs meet old-web nostalgia

After seeing a bunch of people on Twitter talking about “CryptoPunks” and realizing how much money these NFTs were trading for, I made a gimmick site called The Billion Dollar Homepage.

It lets you see all 10,000 CryptoPunks on your screen, so you can feast your eyes on $1 Billion of pure NFT value.

Of course, this is not a fully original idea, it’s my updated take on Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Home Page from 2005:

VCs’ job is to value companies. They should stop LARPing about “value add”, “deal flow”, and “access “.

Public-market investors are comfortable telling you what they do: buy stocks low and sell them high. But Venture Capital investors who do the exact same thing — buy equity in startups at what they think is a low price, and exit higher — seem much less comfortable talking honestly about…

Bloated MVP

Is your MVP bloated?

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