On block sizes

Mike Hearn
Nov 2, 2015 · 8 min read

BIP 100

Core is against miner voting

- Hard fork method:  Leaning towards "if (timestamp > X)" flag day hard fork Y months in the future.  Set high bit in version, resulting in a negative number, to more cleanly fork away.  "miner advisement" - miners, as they've done recently, signal non-binding (Bitcoin Core does not examine the value) engineering readiness for a hard fork via coinbase moniker. Some fork cancellation method is useful, if unsuccessful after Z time elapses.

Core won’t raise the limit

Conflicts of interest

Developer consensus is a lie

> [thomas zander] The point is that Bitcoin Core claims to have 
> a consensus mechanism and sticks to "no change" on not
> reaching a consensus. And that rule is the reason why
> bigger blocks were blocked for years.

[gmaxwell] You're repeating Mike's claims there-- not anyone elses.

Why December won’t change anything


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