Former Silver Cloud Space Sees Signs Of Life: Here’s What We Know So Far

Alisa Hauser
May 29, 2018 · 2 min read

A new neon sign has neighbors wondering what’s next for the Bucktown/Wicker Park spot.

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A red circular sign at the former Silver Cloud was installed last week. [Block Club Chicago/Alisa Hauser]

BUCKTOWN — What will replace Silver Cloud? It’s the question that’s been nagging curious Bucktown and Wicker Park residents ever since the neighborhood bar and comfort food staple abruptly shuttered in August 2014.

A new red sign — its face obscured by black vinyl covering — was installed last week above the front door of the building, 1700 N. Damen Ave.

An employee at Best Neon, which made the sign, said sometimes customers want a sign to be installed but they do not want to reveal what it says yet. So for now, it’s a mystery. However, as with all mysteries, there are clues.

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New sign installed at 1700 N. Damen Ave. [Block Club Chicago/Alisa Hauser]

County records show a business license for “Tricycle Supper Club” at 1700 N. Damen Ave. was issued last July, around the same time DNAinfo noticed remodeling work underway and the removal of the large neon Silver Cloud sign. Tricycle Supper Club’s owner is listed as Rivak “Rocky” Albazi, former co-owner of Silver Cloud.

Albazi also owns Sheffield’s Beer & Wine Garden, at 3258 N. Sheffield Ave. in Lakeview and is co-host of a craft beer podcast, Beerpods.

There does not appear to be a website yet for Tricycle Supper Club, however, a new Instagram account for Red Tricycle Supper Club has four followers, all but one based in Chicago.

On Tuesday, Albazi declined to comment about the new venture underway at the northwest corner of Damen and Wabansia avenues, along a stretch that both Wicker Park and Bucktown boosters claim. A spokeswoman for Albazi also declined to confirm the name underneath the sealed-up sign or when the business aims to open.

“We will reach out as soon as everything is finalized,” the spokeswoman said.

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