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Patrick McConlogue
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2 min readNov 23, 2019

Entering 2020, mankind is on the brink of extreme economic volatility. Fortunes and nations will be won and lost as old ways collide with three decades of internet connectivity and a decade of blockchain. The macro-political environment makes the next six months the greatest time in human history to launch an exchange.

In this period of transition, it is not yet clear if machines will serve the individual or the state. The outcome is either borderless global financial freedom or never-before-seen powers of authoritarian control.


  • Run the software in a production environment with an emphasis on stability and security.
  • Block Collider core expects at least one testnet to fork and possibly more.
  • Report any errors to this form (, for your own security do not post logs in the public chat.
  • For your own security do not use your BSEC wallet created for the Genesis Event. We recommend generating a new wallet OFFLINE with


  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • 6GB RAM
  • 2 Core CPU
  • 16GB HDD



  • Miners who successfully find a block are awarded a default of 2 NRG + transaction fees.
  • Miners who own Emblems will be able to earn more NRG based on their Emblem balance. HOwever, for your own security do not use your genesis address.
  • Testnet NRG will not transfer to the mainnet.
  • Request Testnet NRG via this form:


  • Updates will be posted to Block Collider Advanced ( and on the IMPORTANT updates page of (
  • Always run the most update to date version found at
  • Custom testnet builds are discouraged and will hinder the teams ability to launch the mainnet in a timely fashion.

API Things To Try

The API endpoint dictionary is here —

  • The test net is entirely managed from the command line of a computer.
  • Sending, receiving, mining NRG
  • Posting a Timble Script monadic trade with OP_MONAD.
  • Posting a marked address transaction.
  • Streaming Rover Data

Things To Build (Passive Income)

  • Mining Pool
  • Mining Pool with Emblem Leasing
  • NRG White label address
  • Collider Dice (Satoshi Dice)

Discuss at

AT Highlights

  • Timble Script multichain compiler allows for the execution of inter-chain transactions, trades, and events.
  • All nodes are full sync nodes.
  • A “multiverse” of 5 blockchains is created in parallel with the multichain sync using rovers for BTC, ETH, WAV, NEO, and LSK.
  • Marked transactions from the underlying blockchains and multichain transactions.
  • Full RPC SDK for LEVEL 2 data of trades conducted on Block Collider.
  • All trades are private even to the underlying payout address of NRG. The address is only revealed if the collateral is reused.
  • Block Collider Multiverse Sync bi-directionally syncs blockchains or data structures built as directed graphs.

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