UPDATED: Borderless & BC: The Next 30 Days

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2 min readApr 26, 2020

As of this post the Block Collider AT mainnet is at multiblock #387758. Over the last month consistent stability and network improvements have been pushed by the engineering team (5 version releases) and savvy members of the community have developed custom GPU mining software which was shared to Advanced. Difficulty continues to break All-Time-Highs and is 200% higher difficult than at any period during the BT chain of 2018–2019.

The next 30 days are focused on two pillars.

1. Battle testing Borderless as it runs on Block Collider mainnet.

This is all mainnet NRG running on mainnet blockchains. Only trade with small amounts that you can lose. There is no red button to stop or reverse this protocol. There are no relays or validators who hold the crypto. It’s Borderless.

2- Open New Business Vertical Alongside Mining.

The most profitable service during volatile markets are not exchanges but market makers. Engineering has created a modular Multi-Market Marker (MMM) bot. Running MMM allows users to capitalize on the volatile market while supporting the entire DEX ecosystem. Members of the MMM program will get a chance to test Borderless early.


Extensive load tests continue to take place on Block Collider including simulated dusting and network attacks.

Homepage of the “The Multiverse” a block explorer for multichains.

April 29th: Wednesday

  • The new multiverse block explorer will be available on https://multiverse.blockcollider.org
  • Signups open start for the first additional to the Small Business Program, the “Multi-Market Maker”. If mining is not for you, generate value by making crypto markets easily through the MMM.
  • All developer and mining operations will continue to be managed in Block Collider Advanced.

May 15th

  • Release candidate for Borderless will be made available to the Evangelists for testing.

May 16th

  • Release candidate for Borderless will be distributed to members who signed up for the Multi-Market Maker program.

May 25th

  • Release candidate for Borderless distributed for public testing. Link and information posted to Twitter (https://www.twitter.com/blockcollider). We expect this to be stable for 15–30 days.

Follow the Twitter for updates. Freedom through cryptography.

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