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2 min readDec 7, 2020

Over the last 2 months engineering has worked to simplify and condense our ecosystem. This was achieved in two ways, coin economics and adoption of industry standards. The main objective is to make it easier for the community and early adopters to educate others.

Coin Economics

The largest change is drawn from both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both are mined technology and the reward given to miners of the network is denominated in tokens with the name of the network. Bitcoin miners earn Bitcoin. Ethereum miners earn Ethereum.

NRG is now “OVERLINE”. The benefits of this are immediate as now when you someone is trying out Overline, they need a little “Overline”. The idea behind renaming NRG to OVERLINE is that it turns OVERLINE into an educational rally point. Every technology using Overline should be named after it. In the past you would say, “Block Collider miners mine a multichain which runs Borderless (a market place) and you need NRG to use Borderless”. Now we say, “you can trade on Overline”. It’s much easier.

Overline has a functional name and also works to agnostically bridge new business verticals. You use the Overline to connect disparate blockchains but, in the future, the connectivity fabric established through Proof of Distance will connect a lot more.

Emblems remain the coin for ownership, for those utilizing the network to mine more Overline.

Industry Standards

  • The multiverse is now Explorer. This draws from the industry standard Block Explorer.
    Available at https://explorer.overline.network.
  • Borderless is now the Overline interchange, which comes from Visa’s history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_Inc. In practice, you can interchange using Overline or simply trade using Overline.
    Available at https://interchange.overline.network.
  • The Block Collider multichain is now the Overline multichain and miners on Block Collider now conduct Overline Mining. This is a long overdue simplification in preparation for Emblem liquidity and Overline’s technology release. Available at https://mine.overline.network.
  • The upcoming Borderless Wallet is now the Overline Wallet.
  • The upcoming Overline markets homepage will be at https://overline.network however in the meantime a landing page has been developed.


Over the next week, products and documentation will be merged and migrated to adopt the new names and the go to market strategy will begin. The immediate upcoming technology is the Multi-Market Maker and iOS/Android Overline Wallet.

Freedom Through Cryptography,

Overline Core




Use Overline to connect blockchains and people without following the rules of any given blockchain.