Finovate Middle East, 2018
Dubai, UAE

Block Gemini’s all-star team, visits Finovate 2018 to present their blockchain solutions and services.

The elite of the global fintech industry had gathered at the Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Dubai, to define routes to innovations in the financial sector — and the Block Gemini team was there to discuss blockchain innovations in the space. Envisioning its prime mission to empower enterprises with customized blockchain solutions, Block Gemini was delighted to be one of the sponsors of Finovate Middle East 2018.

The banking system is highly dependent on the principles of transparency, immutability, auditability and security, which are core to distributed ledger technology. Considering the booming interest in blockchain applications in fintech and the increasing demand for blockchain companies offering these solutions, Block Gemini joined the event as one of the exhibitors. For two days the company’s branded booth became the destination for progressive fintech leaders interested in getting their businesses ready for the future of digital finance.

Block Gemini was represented by some of our best: Anthony Lauriola, the COO, Dr. Sripad Karanam, CBDO, and Marco Pelser, Blockchain Consultant. It isn’t easy to schedule a meeting with them on a regular day but considering the opportunity to meet other innovators in the fintech space, Block Gemini decided to make an exception for Finovate.

“Leveraging blockchain technology for fintech solutions can significantly reduce the need for paper-based and manual processes that we typically see within financial institutions, whether it is with respect to the customer or for internal banking processes. With increased automation and virtually no need for paper, all processes within a bank can be accomplished with high efficiency, and without any compromise in the quality of their services. Blockchain is going to be very important for Fintech and we are already seeing the progression happen with major financial institutions looking for ways to get involved in the blockchain space, whether it be working on their own POC’s or looking to collaborate with companies that are working on projects that align with their future interests. The main focus will be to look at the needs of the customer and I strongly feel that integrating IoT and AI with blockchain, will be at the forefront of what we are going to see with future banking operations” said Anthony Lauriola.

Marco Pelser, one of Block Gemini’s brightest blockchain consultants, was absolutely excited with the outcome of the conference,

“Finovate Middle East was a big step for the future for Block Gemini. The number of big companies that were there and interested in blockchain applications was astounding. For me personally, the time that I got to spend there was enlightening, and the passion people have for this technology got me even more excited for the future.”

Block Gemini would like to thank all the organizers and visitors for putting together this amazing event. The company’s team is always ready to contribute to the global expansion of blockchain applications. We are glad to admit that our adventures in the fintech space are not complete. Catch our team at STEP Money on 28–29 March in Dubai! Or you can check out our newly updated website, to find out how we can support your business in becoming blockchain ready.