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An Interview with asianjunkies

A Cloth Branding Designer


Block INSIGHT is fortunate to invite crypto artist asianjunkies to participate in our exclusive interview. Learn the experience behind he’s artworks in the following interview.



Host: Block INSIGHT
Guest: asianjunkies from Indonesia

Block INSIGHT: Welcome to Block INSIGHT! We will now introduce asianjunkies to the Crypto world and the readers here.

Introduction by asianjunkies: A 3D Artist based Indonesia. Right now I’m working with a Clothing brand in my country Indonesia called Faith Industries as a 3D Content Designer and doing Crypto art for my 2nd Job as an Artist for healing myself and do what I wanna do because in Faith Industries I have a rule and border so I can’t do as much as I can in here. What u all look at my work here is the best feeling that I have to see for u all. It’s honest art from myself. Enjoy the artwork!

Q1: When and how you started working on digital art?

asianjunkies: Just one month ago I was going through the world of crypto art, at first, I met @ suryanto_sur234 on Twitter then I asked him about crypto art and he taught me to mint on a Rarible platform and borrowed ETH as much as 0.025 for my initial mint while in the world This crypto art I have sold 4 of my works and gave 2 of my works as bonuses to my collectors.

Q2: In your opinion, what changes or advantages has Blockchain technology brought?

asianjunkies: In my opinion, this is a great future for a work of art, especially for copyright issues, you cannot admit to people’s work as yours because there is already a blockchain in it and it has been minted, meaning that the work already has the name of the creator in it and that is very It’s good at protecting the artist and also building the artist’s reputation so even collectors know how rare it is to get artwork from great artists.

Q3: Any art piece you are working on lately? Share them if you wish and tell us more about the work.

asianjunkies: Yes, I am working on my collection project in 3D surrealism style, there is also one more of my unsold works on the @cryptoart_ai platform, you can visit it to just see my work. Or if you are interested you can make an offer or buy directly. My next work will remain consistent with my surrealist style and form my heartfelt reflection on my daily life. So every work that I put out is very meaningful and has a deep meaning for my life. Although I believe everyone has different and subjective judgments. I really respect anyone who judges my work in any form, don’t have to buy in the form of criticism, praise, and insults, I really respect people who pay attention to my work.

Q4: Are you willing to educate people outside this field? How are you going to explain what your work or job is to them?

asianjunkies: Yes, I really want this community to grow rapidly, especially there are lots of artists who don’t know about this crypto art and also potential collectors. As possible, maybe I will embrace anyone who wants to enter the world of crypto art, like @ suryanto_sur234 who helped me and taught and gave me eth to learn and enter this crypto world. Maybe if the pandemic is over I will do podcasts and seminars in my country to let the artists and the public know what blockchain and crypto art really are.

Q: Where do you usually mint your work? Would you consider minting works into new NFT platforms?

asianjunkies: So far my work can only be found on Rarible and Cryptoart_ai. My target in the next few months is to send my portfolio to SuperRare. Yes, I always like new platforms and want to participate in new platforms. Because more and more platforms are good for accommodating the number of artists and collectors who will come in the future because I am sure the next few months or years after people find out what blockchain and cryptoart are, it will be even more crowded.

Thank you for the attention!

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