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An Interview with Shindo

A new talented 3D crypto artist

Block INSIGHT is fortunate to invite crypto artist Shindo to participate in our exclusive interview. Learn the experience behind Shindo artworks in the following interview.

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Host: Block INSIGHT
Guest: Shindo from Canada

Block INSIGHT: Welcome to Block INSIGHT! We will now introduce Shindo to the Crypto world and the readers here.

Shindo’s Introduction: Shindo is a 21 years old digital artist from Montreal Canada, who studied cinema for 3 years in College and then made the jump to university. Shindo also did one year of anthropology and started a 3D journey last year and got enrolled in NAD, School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design. This young adult heard about Crypto art last month and that’s when he created “Shindo”, his crypto alias. Most of the scenes and the core of the art will be focused on his alias.

Shindo’s Alias

Q1: When and how you started working on digital art?

Shindo: I began to create digital dream scenes with Photoshop in 2016 because I was curious, and I always knew I would be a good artist because my curiosity always drives me to find new stuff. Now I feel firm that interest is a definite consideration for a great artist and some people really aren’t excited enough about this profession.

For a year I was delighted with Photoshop but I soon found that I needed more. My consistency and ability to be precise was better, I felt sick with fake photoshop depth, and I realized that 3D was the best direction for me. After a successful time of creative recovery, I began learning 3D software only in January 2019 and soon became part of my everyday life. Those days are rough for the first few months but I began to be self-reliant and didn’t focus on progress tutorials. I still have plenty of advanced information available to me, but right now, I just concentrate on concepts, because I can see a hurdle at a time if I don’t know how to do it in 3D applications.

Q2: In your opinion, what changes or advantages has Blockchain technology brought?

Shindo: I’m new to it, but the Blockchain is the best innovation of our time with what I was able to grasp. It is a structural cornerstone on which as a society we can genuinely depend and I believe that this technology can be made to function. It has the power to maximize the resolution of a large range of problems and I am a great optimizer.

Before learning about it, I made art, I know it will end up on Instagram and be forgotten, and now that I know that my art has a beautiful destination, I am even more inspired than ever before. The Blockchain has changed all for me.

Q3: Any art piece you are working on lately? Share them if you wish and tell us more about the work.

Shindo: On new scenes, I worked a lot! I’ve just completed the “Blockchain Alive” and it’s my crypto alias Shindo. This project is my main production and for most of my scenes, I depend on it. I like personifying him very much because he gets “ alive on the blockchain” whenever I mint an animation, and he still starts looping. So I like treating Blockchain as a playground or jail, which is the center of my job right now.

Shindo — “Grasp”
Alive on Blockchain by Shindo

Q4: Are you willing to educate people outside of the field? How are you going to explain what your work or job is to them?

Shindo: I am willing to do my best! I spoke to some of my artist friends and some of them began to make NTFs about this technology at my 3D school. I want to help as many people as I can with the experience I have and I just feel confident about that right now. We also made a small community of discords to allow others to find terminology and technical knowledge about crypto-wallet and the method of minting.

I start by talking about the Ethereum blockchain and how it is different from Bitcoin and I do my best at explaining why everything is turning to crypto. I hope I will explain why digital art is a massive medium from there. Until last week I left my part-time students to work in order to concentrate on this project and my 3D animation and graphic design courses at university, I assume that none took me seriously.

Q5: “Blockchain is the habitat” is the pinned post you got on your Twitter profile, what does it convey to people?

I find it very exciting to see that the blockchain is an ecosystem and that my art has unity in it. That is a message about what falls in my profile on When I release my next work of art, I hope it would make better sense to people.

Thank you for the attention!

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