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Polkadot Hackathon, Calling Developers Around the Globe!

The Polkadot Hackathon — The battle between Blockchain-based Demo

The purpose of this Polkadot Hackathon is to bring developers around the world for competing with their blockchain-based products. Hoping to expand the awareness of Polkadot’s ecosystem with more innovative blockchain products while giving away big rewards to the developers involved.


· 50 developer teams of 5 (a team must not exceed 5 people)

· Hackathon timeline will be 5 March to 8 April;

· Application time: 5 March to 17 March;

· Round 1 selection: 18 March to 27 March;

· The top 30 teams selected for round 1 will announce on 28 to 29 March

· Final round preparation: top 30 teams selected may want to optimize and submit their work from 30 March to 6 April.

· Finals: On April 8, the top 8 contenders will be selected and compete in the finals and roadshows at the conference site(Shanghai).

Product Classification:

1.DeFi related;

2.NFT related;

3.Cross-chain technology;

4.Subscript based Apps;

5.Other blockchain-related products;

To register, scan QR code or contact @wilsonhf on Telegram

Guidelines and Requirements:

· The Hackathon is open to any blockchain developers in the world. Each participating team must not have more than 5 people.


1. Information filled during application/registration must be valid and accurate. If any violations found the team would be disqualified.

2. Teams or individuals are encouraged to upload CVs, past experience, and other relevant materials to the application form. This increases the success rate of applying.

3. A team member cannot appear or work for multiple teams at the same time.

Work Submission

1. Team Logo, phone number, email address, QR code or other is unprohibited in your work/product;

2. A brief description of the work/product is required;

3. It is necessary to submit project information before entering the Hackathon (including product logic, application scenes, ideas, and value props, etc.);

4. A video record of your functioning product is required;

5. The product codes and demo must be submitted to the organizer;

6. Your work must be original & authentic & the final interpretation right belongs to the organizer.

Judging Criteria

· Code: The judges will review according to the completion and perfection of the code;

· Completion of the work: The judges will review the progress of the work according to the final completion of the working Demo;

· Creativity: How innovative/creative of the product is;

· Ease of use: How complex is the product during usage;

· Clear Demonstration: Whether the team’s display of the product is clear and organized;

· Industrial Problems Solved: the scale of influence of the problem solved by the product;

· Technology: the technical difficulty of the product;

· Interface Design: The level of UI designs.

Final Scoring Ratio(For round 1 and final round):

· Products: 30%

· Business model: 20%

· Market valuation: 25%

· Project team: 20%

· Financial analysis: 5%

· Total score: 100 points


First prize (1 winner): 15000 USDT

Second prize (1 winner): 7600 USDT

Third prize (1 winner): 3000 USDT

Consolation prize (3 winners): 1000 USDT

Join Or contact hackathon assistant, WeChat ID (APOGRIT) for further inquiries.

Co-sponsored by, Subscript Technology Community, and; hosted by JINSE Hackathon; co-hosted by Block Power, Candaq, Block Dream Fund, and Crypto Geek; the Polkadot hackathon of the chief partner of the Huobi Polkadot Ecological Fund

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