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cadCAD Community Update

Motivation, Recent Progress, and Next Steps

Twitter callout to discussion of the role of simulation and modeling in healthy institutions
  • The cadCAD Gitcoin grant raised 2,216 DAI from 66 unique contributors, of which 1,267 DAI came from CLR matching round 4.
cadCAD Gitcoin Grant as of 2020–03–15
Constant Product Market Maker as a Special Case of Invariant Preserving Configuration Space
Output from ABM of Predator Prey Dynamics written with cadCAD
  • A handful of questers have embarked on the extensive Modeling & Simulation Quest Tree laid out in the MetaGame!
  • Academic research on cryptoeconomic systems including using cadCAD for computational methods has been ramping up.
Foundations of Cryptoeconomic Systems at MIT March 7–8, 2020
  • Marketing Funnel — as a data scientist or startup executive, I wish to track my dynamically managed resources to balance expenditures across marketing, sales and retention in order to grow my business.
  • Verifiers Dilemma — as a validator operator or platform designer for an environment where rewards are earned by catching faults, I wish to estimate expected rewards accounting for strategic behavior.
  • Three Sided Market — as community member or platform designer for a cooperative business model, I want to load balance supply and demand for both labor and capital so that we provide a good user experience for service providers, service consumers and platform providers at the same time.



The Scientific Method & Robust Engineering Design applied to Complex Systems

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Michael Zargham

Founder, Researcher, Decision Engineer, Data Scientist; PhD in systems engineering, control of networks.