Hidden Gems of the Brave New Blockchain World.

Not all Gems are equal. Some have blood on them, Some are very difficult to resell, some are purposely fake or synthetic, others are just fake. For us the best types of Gems are the brand new category of blockchain backed Digital Collectible Art Gems.

Welcome to the launch of our new Digital Collectible Art platform with added Crown Jewels and The Game of Crowns ; BlockMark Gems.

Extended Tetra Original Gemplate https://www.paul-farrell.co.uk/

This is a big deal for us — and maybe a big deal for artists, creators, buyers, collectors and retailers in the future.

Blockchain based digital art is like the discovery of a brand new continent. There May be Dragons. But it’s also a wide open and very fertile area for innovation and growth.

Our aim is to simplify the transfer and ownership of art, and cut out any fraud or misuse. Should be simple right? Wrong.

This is one of the oldest pieces of art in the world. The Chauvet Cave Paintings in France, some 30,000 years old.

And still we don’t know who created it (who owns it in today’s copyright world) or when it was created or if the creator gave permission for it to be reproduced…

Joking aside — the modern art world in 30,000 years hasn’t moved on much.

But with blockchain backed art — everything changes. When you buy a Gem you own it. It’s a Non Fungible Token; Unique. Sui Generis. Yours forever. That means if you want to print it on a mug ; you can.

And if someone prints your gem on their mug without permission you can tell them off; because there is only ever one record, one anchor of who owns it — and everyone can see it.

You can also go Merch Crazy and put your favourite art on a T-shirt, or a nice Giclee print to put on your wall. Or anything you choose.

Can you see how disruptive this could be yet?

Art as Currency

On an abstract level art is a token that can be used as a currency or as a store of value. After all, Picasso famously paid for restaurant meals with napkin sketches.

With a BlockMark Gem — because it’s yours — you can also choose to sell it for a higher price (obviously supply & demand applies) or use it as a store of value.

Or put it on your wall and from time to time — stare at it.

It’s a three-way chop.

Salvatore What?

Original art is all about the signature. Each BlockMark Gem is unique and traceable to it’s origins from Designer Paul Farrel.

The same cannot be said of the $450M last Da Vinci painting ; The Salvatore Mundi.

Ben Lewis has written a book about it you can read it here

As a piece of decorative art in the Italian style it’s worth about $1175. So the signature is quite important. Because it adds a cool $449,998,825 to the price.

Did he paint it? Is it an autograph painting; an original or a studio knock off?

And the answer is — we will never know for sure. Because it’s pre blockchain.

Not so with BlockMark Gem #200 The Drongo of Lanjaghbyur ; a lovely 10 carat Lapiz Lazuli Gem whose origins can be 100% tracked on Etherscan here.

There’s a whole BlockMark pdf Ruby Paper if you want to deep dive down our mines and learn how we do it.

Broken Marketplaces 2.0

It’s said that if you don’t know what the product is (on a marketplace like Facebook or Google) then you are the product. The question is — who really wants to be a product?

In our humble opinion at BlockMark we believe that most current Web 2.0 marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb etc) are very successful but they are also fundamentally broken — being;

  • centralised &
  • expensive with
  • too many fake spammers & fraudsters

When they should be ;

  • provably fair & honest
  • transparent & auditable
  • cheap &
  • totally trustworthy

Our challenge at BlockMark all along has been to build a next generation platform; for proof of origin (signatures) and from that build out a trusted transactions platform.

We want a marketplace that has trust built in from the start and a marketplace that is transparent and auditable for both buyers and sellers.

And so at BlockMark we are building a better marketplace ; so in future you can buy contaminant free baby milk in China, know you’re not eating horsemeat in the UK instead of beef and so that new Da Vinci artists of the future will not have their oeuvre sold as ‘decorative art in the style of Da Vinci’.

The NFT Genesis

At BlockMark we are indebted to the first pioneers of the Ethereum ERC721 Non Fungible Token protocol- the Axiom & now dapperlab teams that did crazy inspiring things with cats. Meet the kitties…

No doubt about it — Kats are Kool — and they run the internet for sure, but since late 2018 we have worked with BlockMark Artist in Residence Paul Farrell to develop a range of beautiful gems — 8 Original ‘Gemplates’ that can — with our proprietary Gemology Algorithm create upwards of 200,000 new Gems. So called Gem — Zeros.

Gemology & Gem Mining

Just like in real life — these Gems are mined at random intervals with Topaz and Amethyst being more common than a rare 100 carat Emerald or Diamond.

The 8 Original Gemplates by https://www.paul-farrell.co.uk/

Once Gems have been mined they can be collected in Crown Jewels and even remixed with our atomic destabiliser — into brand new gems creating Gemeration 1, Gemeration 2 and so on until the end of time.

Take me to the BlockMark Gems Website

We are a Collecting Species

As a species, Humans have a few interesting features ; opposable thumbs for making tools, great language skills and the unique, amongst animals, ability to make and play games.

But more than these attributes — A strange thing about Humans is that we like to collect things — from storing food coupons for a rainy day to collecting art.

Anthropologists would say, anything that is a store of value or that has exchange value is worth collecting.

Grandpa the philatelist collected stamps… Dad collected Pannini football stickers (€500M worth per year) the next generation of digital natives are collecting blockchain based digital collectibles.

The future of collecting is upon us. We welcome you to our Jewellery store — and to collect your gems in Crown Jewels.

On occasion we will Throw Down the Gauntlet and battle with you in the Game of Crowns to win 25 carat Diamonds which you can collect, remix or sell.

Join us in exploring BlockMark Gems

To see how we are getting along in our quest — visit www.etherscan.io to view the latest gem transactions.


This article is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series.

Watch out for Part 2 of this Hidden Gem series to find out how to Remix and Collect Gems and display them in Crown Jewels.

Part 3 includes The Game of Crowns : Battles between Royal Subjects with Crown Jewels — to win the Keys to the Kingdom! Dare you pick up the Gauntlet?

BlockMark Gems is brought to you by BlockMark Technologies :

The №1 Blockchain Startup in the Malvern Hills, UK.

For more information please visit

www.blockmarktech.com or www.gems.blockmarktech.com

#335 The Egyptian Vulture of Pau (Amethyst)



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